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Mike D’Antoni Says Carmelo Anthony Made Him Leave The New York Knicks

D’Antoni made that claim in a long profile published by ESPN, which highlighted his current successful campaign in Houston and included a line that “Anthony said the team needed to choose between him and D’Antoni.”

“I just went in and quit,” D’Antoni said.

This is the second time in two years D’Antoni has placed the blame on Anthony for sabotaging his coaching in New York, claiming on a podcast with The Vertical last summer that players held resentment toward Jeremy Lin and he couldn’t get Anthony to move to power forward to accommodate the point guard.

“(Carmelo and I) don’t have a bad relationship. I speak to him. He’s a good guy,” D’Antoni, who coached Anthony as an assistant with Team USA, said last year on The Vertical podcast. “But I had one vision that I wanted him to play one way. He wanted to go the other way. I couldn’t get to my way.”

(NY Daily News)

I’ve spent a lot of years as a Knicks fan shitting on Carmelo Anthony. He’s a ball hog and doesn’t play defense and blah blah but now everyone is coming out of the clouds to bury Melo and now I have to step up and defend this newly single superstar.1

Mike D’Antoni may have helped the Houston Rockets improve their record the most this past season but let’s remember, he’s not a good coach. The Houston Rockets needed to win Game 5 in San Antonio earlier this week and he coached one of the worst games ever.2

His completely mishandled James Harden’s minutes to the point where he was gasping for air in overtime and airballing jump shots but instead of calling a timeout and designing a play that gave another one of his team full of 3-point shooters an open shot, D’Antoni called a timeout and pretty much just said, ‘yea uh, give the ball to James or whatever’.

Let Carmelo live.




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  1. LaLa, check your DMs
  2. if you ignoreevery game Fred Hoiberg has ever coached.

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