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  • Husband Dumps Wife After Seeing Her With No Make Up

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    A cautionary tale for the ladies. A man recently divorced his wife after seeing her without makeup for the first time. I can’t make this stuff up.

    The newspaper Aletihad reported that the couple went swimming at the Al Mamzar beach in Sharjah – and he saw her ‘features change’ after her make-up washed off.

    He realised that not only did she wear a lot of make-up, she’d had cosmetic surgery and wore false eyelashes and coloured contacts, according to Gulf News.

    The 30-year-old Arab man divorced his 24-year-old bride because he felt ‘tricked by her artificial beauty’.

    Dr Abdul Aziz Asaf, a psychologist who talked to the bride after the split said ‘The groom immediately divorced his bride and refused any attempt to reunite them again.’

    Dr Aziz did not name his client due to confidentiality.


    Guys can be such dicks. Make up washed off the 24 year old woman as she emerged from the Al Mamzar Beach in Sharjah. Ok, let’s all just act like we know where that is. The 30 year old husband claims her “features changed” as she emerged from the water. Upon surfacing from the water-apparently like the Creature from the Black Lagoon


    -dude realized she wore fake eyelashes, colored contacts and had cosmetic surgery. This story sounds a little fishy to me. (That’s a free joke, by the way.)

    Personally, the guy must be a little dense if he never realized she always caked on the makeup. Were they not physically sleeping together? Did he not once realize he went to bed with a 9, but woke up with a 4 on a tie-dye pillow? It’s almost a rite of passage of any relationship that you have to see the girl without make up. And it’s that same rite of passage that commands the guy say, “Damn, honey, you look good even without makeup.” This also reinforces the “lie through my teeth” behavior of guys. Don’t blame me; it’s just a part of human nature. I saw it on a documentary on Netflix.

    I feel kinda bad for the girl. She was clearly into the guy, and did a lot of work to look attractive. I imagine she put her makeup on with something like this.


    The girl is married. She’s thinking she’s gonna be like Kate Upton coming out of the ocean. So she finally feels confident to let her warpaint wash off, and the guy ups and dumps her. How sexist.  I can’t find pictures of these two, but something tells me this guy is no prize either. Prolly looks something like this.


    Next thing you’re gonna tell me is porn stars wear a lot of make up. I am sure they look like every other girl on the street. Porn has never lied to anyone, damn it. Why do you think I’m a poolboy who delivers pizza on the side?

    And guys, don’t act like this can’t happen to you. We got it so much easier than the ladies. A few trips to the gym and GNC might do you a little good. Lose the tightie whities, too.

    And for whatever makeup can’t fix, there’s always beer. Lots and lots of beer.



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