You’re Allowed To Celebrate The Death of Villains

Herman Cain is dead as hell. Lol. After having the time of his life at Donald Trump’s empty campaign rally in Oklahoma last month smiling ear to ear in tight close proximity with a bunch of strangers—none of which wore a face mask—Herman Cain tested positive for Coronavirus and a month later, he died.

Herman Cain volunteered to be a prop for the current President. He is the ‘black friend’ in the room to make Trump appear to have diverse voters. Trump can say and do wild racist shit and then just point to his boy Herman like ‘how can I be racist? I have a black friend’.

Now Cain is super dead.

But Herman Cain wasn’t always a big idiot his entire life even though he spent his final days praising people like South Dakota governor, Kristi Noem, for not wearing a mask when Trump visited on Fourh of July weekend to shit on Native Americans and cough into each other’s mouths.

He grew up poor and rose to become CEO of Godfather’s Pizza and eventually the CEO of the Nation Restaurant Association which was a powerful lobbying organization. He later became the chairman of the Federal Reserve of Kansas City. Huge come up for the underprivileged son of a chauffeur. Wait what’s that? He sexually harassed a bunch of women? Of course he did

He was raised in the south during segregation. He was surrounded by the atrocities of an outwardly racist society in a region where the KKK just had free reign to terrorize black communities. Cain went to an HBCU in Atlanta at the peak of the civil rights movement.

Anddddd this dead motherfucker still dedicated his adult life to making life easier for CEOs and the rich while draining power and restricting the rights of the working class. His bank account was more important than his people. And by ‘his people’ I don’t just mean black people. I mean poor people. The workers that are busting their asses on a daily basis making the rich richer and making his shitty pizzas for minimum wage.

He hit the political ground running in the mid 90’s when he gave a passionate speech tearing down Bill Clinton’s health care plan. So let’s quickly pause and recap. He spent his final days on Earth supporting one of the worst presidents in American history and urging American’s not to wear face masks only to die from not wearing a face mask. He rose to power and immediately used that power to make life hell for his employees. And he passionately cried about giving more people health care.

Herman Cain became the black hand puppet for the Tea Party that was just a flat out racist group of conservatives that simply didn’t like the president’s skin. And Cain gladly tap danced for them because Cain claimed to ‘not see race’. Again, HE GREW UP IN THE JIM CROW SOUTH.

He would later run for president saying nonsense like “We need a leader, not a reader”. Cain has a master’s degree in mathematics. Man straight up sold his soul for absolutely no reason other than to have power and the approval of his former oppressors. Textbook coward.

He ran on a tax plan that would’ve raised taxes on the poor. Reminder, he grew up poor and when he finally had the power to make sure no one had to grow up in the same conditions he did, he chose to say fuck it and make things even worse for them.

I’m not saying I’m glad Herman Cain is dead. Just, ya know, the world is a better place without him cooning it up for his rich white friends while attempting to hold poor people down so it would be impossible to overcome their conditions.

RIP ya dead bitch.




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