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Fire Emoji or Poop Emoji: Your Old Droog’s ‘Packs’

Back at it with a new Fire Emoji or Poop Emoji album review. This week is Your Old Droog’s ‘Packs’. If you want to know everything about Your Old Droog just listen to the the first track on Packs, G.K.A.C., which stands for Gotta Kill A Cop. Yea, it’s one of those albums.

Is there anything better than angry New York rap? Trick question: No.

I’ve already written about one of my favorite tracks on this album, Help featuring Wiki and Edan, so I won’t repeat myself there but the whole album sounds like it was made for me in like, 2007 when I was super into underground shit like MF Doom and Aesop Rock and of course, Edan.

You Can Do It is a feel good track about giving up. YOD essentially takes a quick 3 minutes to remind you that you can’t do anything you want and dreams come true. Sometimes you need to be told that you suck. I appreciate that.

Overall, if you want me to like an album just throw Heems from Das Racist on a track that samples anything Indian sounding, have Danny Brown screaming nonsense and give me some Anthony Jeselnik skits. Check, check and check.




Best Track: Grandma Hips

Worst Track: I Only



Final Verdict: Fire Emoji







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