Would Trading For Josh Rosen Save The Washington Redskins?

As an angry New York Giants fan who has to listen to everyone and their mothers preach about how awful Eli Manning has been for the last half decade, it’s been infuriating how under the radar Washington’s struggles have been.

There are still more media outlets talking and writing about Eli Manning sucking than they are about the fact that Washington really sent Mark fucking Sanchez out there last season to start a football game.

The same team that said that they couldn’t sign Colin Kaepernick because he ‘didn’t fit their system’ sent out Josh Johnson who did not fit their system and just scrambled every single play, ya know, the one thing that Colin Kaepernick is great at.

Alex Smith doesn’t have a leg anymore. If the season were to start today, Colt McCoy would be out there throwing interceptions left and right. Washington needs a quarterback desperately.

Enter Kliff Kingsbury, the new Arizona Cardinals head coach who walked in day one and said ‘get me Kyler Murray’ without ever even interacting with Josh Rosen once.

So can Josh Rosen save the Washington Redskins?

In 14 games, Josh Rosen threw for just 2,278 yards with 11 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. He looked what we in the business call ‘bad’.

Now, he’s only 22 years old and it’s unfair to write him off completely considering the Arizona Cardinals had zero good players on their roster and a head coach in his first year who appeared to have no idea where he even was.

Having said that, Washington doesnt have an overwhelmly better roster. It’s not like you can just plug in a better quarterback than Colt McCoy and all of sudden you’re winnign the NFC East. Especially consdiering that I’m not 100% sure Josh Rosen is even better than McCoy

Also, get the Gruden brothers OUUUUT. The most mediocre head coaches who continue to just keep getting jobs. I don’t think Rosen is suddenly going to flourish under the great tutelage of Jay Gruden.

Washington stinks so yes, give up a draft pick and trade for Josh Rosen to continue sucking for the next decade. Pull the trigger. Do it, cowards.



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