Women’s Soccer Now Belongs To Rose LaVelle


The USWNT defeated Netherlands 2-0 in the final game of the tournament in the face of criticism from everyone between former players who didn’t like the way they chose to celebrate their success to the ‘president’ calling out Megan Rapinoe after she said she wasn’t going to the White House.

None of the outside noise affected them as they went out there and won every single game of the World Cup.

We can talk about Rapinoe winning the Golden Boot or Alex Morgan finishing right behind her and sipping tea right in England’s face. But the true story of USA’s run is Rose Lavelle.

Rose LaVelle is the 24-year old walking highlight reel that was such a beast that she kept Lindsay Horan on the bench for most of the knockout stage. Lindsay Horan came into this tournament as the most talented player on the roster until Rose LaVelle got a whiff of playing time and snatched that title away.n

But no moment was bigger for LaVelle then her goal in the World Cup final to put America up 2-0 and essentially suck the life out of The Dutch with a breakaway strike to the back of the net.

LaVelle was awarded the Bronze Ball which is given to the third best player in the tournament. Watching every USWNT game, Rose was consistently the hardest worker while simultaneously being the most skilled.

The most fascinating part of LaVelle’s game is how she handles the physicality of the sport. Lavelle is often drawing double and triple teams and easily escaping and skirting around these women which is a stark contrast to someone like Julie Ertz or Carli Lloyd, two women who will run directly through you.

Rose LaVelle looks like she struggles to lift looseleaf paper and glides past defenders as she is looseleaf paper falling out of an irresponsible middle schooler’s backpack.

She may not have the scoring prowess of Sam Kerr for Australia or her teammate Alex Morgan and she may not have the defensive instincts of Lucy Bronze for England but Rose LaVelle proved that she can completely control the entire field when she has the ball at her feet which is a talent few players in the world possess.

Everyone enjoy Megan Rapinoe and Tobin Heath while you can. The world is about to belong to Rose LaVelle.


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