Woman Flashes Cops Only To Have Crack Pipe Fall Out Of Her Bra


[su_quote cite=”NBC” url=””]During the stop, an officer reported seeing 49-year-old Elizabeth L. Johnson place her hands under her shirt and shove something in her bra. The officer ordered Johnson out of the car. The report says Johnson locked the door and refused to come out.

After the officer convinced Johnson to get out of the car, the report says she was still yelling and uncooperative. She told the officer she was carrying nothing illegal.

Johnson finally screamed “fine, you want to see what I have,” and lifted up her shirt and bra, according to the report. The officer said upon doing so a crack pipe fell from her bra.[/su_quote]


You are told to listen to everything that a cop tells you in a situation like this so Elizabeth Johnson was just doing the right thing. The cop suspected that she was hiding something in her bra so she helped them out. It just so happens that yea, she had a crack pipe in her bra.

Not sure whether or not she knew that her crack pipe was going to fall out but you have to go for it. If you’re confident enough about something you have to just go for it. Elizabeth Johnson seems like the type of person who doesn’t carry a bag. She doesn’t have pockets. Everything goes in her bra. Her wallet. Her crack.

This just goes to show how easy is it to be a cop. Graduate high school. Pass a test. Have criminals just hand you their crack pipes. Repeat. Blue lives matter.


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