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Will Josh McCown Lead the New York Jets to the Promised Land?

Well it looks like there’s a new king of New York. Josh McCown is bringing his cannon arm to New York (New Jersey) and will lead the New York Jets to victories. Orrrr he’s going to lead the NFL in interceptions. It could honestly go either way.

Josh McCown might seriously be the best quarterback that the Jets have had since Vinny Testaverde was behind center and Vinny Testaverde wasn’t even that great. We are about to see a new era for the Jets. And by era I mean one season because it’s only a 1-year contract and he’s def not signing an extension.

If we’re comparing McCown to Geno Smith, Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg, then it’s safe to say that McCown is the best option the Jets could’ve hoped for. I still think they probably should’ve scooped up Jay Cutler or traded for Tony Romo but when future hall of famer Josh McCown falls into your lap, you have to take advantage.

Tom Brady and the Patriots are good or whatever but once they hit the new break wall of the Jets, New York will take over the AFC East in a heartbeat. No one is safe.









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