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Who Would You Rather Have As Your Starting Quarterback: Carson Wentz or Jared Goff?

Jared Goff and Carson Wentz will forever be linked as Goff went number one overall in the 2016 NFL Draft and Wentz was selected right behind him at number 2. After rocky rookies seasons where both men were the butts of all of the jokes, they are now pretty much running the NFL.

Carson Wentz is currently leading the Philadelphia Eagles to one of their greatest seasons ever as they are currently 8-1 and dominating the NFC East. Wentz has thrown for 2,262 yards and is leading the NFL with 23 touchdowns.

Jared Goff turned the Los Angeles Rams from unwanted guests in California, into the best team in the state. The Rams are 7-2 and Goff has thrown for 2,385 yards with 16 touchdowns. He’s also leading the league in yards per completion as all of his passes seems to be deep balls.

But who would you rather have as your starting quarterback?

It’s not Carson Wentz. I can’t tell you that one quarterback is significantly better than the other but I can tell you that Wentz is a geek and I don’t want him around me. He’s a mouthbreather with a neckbeard and he makes me uncomfortable.

Plus, the Eagles don’t even run a professional offense. They have developed a simple read-and-react college-esque offense for Wentz which for sure has resulted in his ascension to greatness but is ripe to be exploited by opposing defenses in the future. You can’t play hot cross buns against a team like New England while they’re playing Mozart or whatever would make sense. Beethoven? I don’t know.You get the point.

Also, and most importantly, as a New York Giants fan, I cannot select Carson Wentz under any circumstance. It’s in my contract when I signed up to support Big Blue. I am not allowed to say any quarterback in the NFC East is better than Eli Manning and for over a decade I was able to keep my end of that contract with no problem. It’s getting tough now.

I guess I have to go with Jared Goff based solely off of the fact that I know nothing about his personality which is a huge upgrade from Wentz who is most likely playing Pokemon right now. I can’t have my starting quarterback getting left swiped on Tinder. Not a great look for the franchise.



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