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What Is Going On Between David Fizdale and Frank Ntilikina?

Something weird is going on between New York Knicks head coach, David Fizdale and 2017 first round lottery pick, Frank Ntilikina as Frank recorded yet another coach’s DNP on Christmas Day as the Knicks got blown out at home by the Milwaukee Bucks.

Sooo David Fizdale didn’t play the point guard of the future because he wanted Trey Burke, who won’t be on the Knicks next season, to take all of the minutes.

It’s also pretty interesting to say that you didn’t play Ntilikina because he’s struggling but you’ll play Trey Burke who is shooting 39% from the field this season and has only made 11 of his last 61 shot attempts. I mean shit, Burke went 1-for-7 on the Christmas Day game that Frank couldn’t get a single minute in.

So what is actually happening between David Fizdale and Frank Ntilikina?

Now, I’m no expert in player development, but something tells me that sitting the 20-year old who desperately needs playing time in order to improve isn’t helping him improve.

Fizdale claims that Ntilikina lacks confidence but he’s also not showing enough confidence in Ntilikina to let him get onto the court. That’s like saying ‘all of my flowers keep dying’ while you refuse to water them because you’re too busy watering Trey fucking Burke.

David Fizdale loves to publicly say that he’s looking for defense and toughness and that players need to earn minutes but that is bullshit.

He actually just wants players that he thinks can score.

I love Mario Hezonja and even I can admit there was no reason that he should’ve started games for an entire month over Kevin Knox. Mario was an aggressive scorer and Knox wasn’t.

But then Knox put up 26 points against the Milwaukee Bucks in the infamouns Hezonja flexing on Giannis game and we haven’t seen Mario since.

If you actually wanted defense and toughness then Ron Baker would still be on the roster. How many times has he bled for the Knicks? Trick question: A LOT.

Fizdale plays Emannuel Mudiay, Allonzo Trier and Trey Burke while Frank Ntilikina watches from the sidelines because he thinks those guys can get buckets and Frank can’t.

My man coached ONE playoff team in Memphis but can we really count that considering that Memphis was a perennial playoff team before he took the job. Oh, and Memphis was immediately one of the worst teams in the league the following season.

Are we sure Fizdale is a good coach?

He was fired from Memphis after he and Marc Gasol got into a heated argument that ended with Fizdale saying ‘you want Gregg Popovich and I want LeBron James’.

That was a cute little line or whatever but he was hired in New York because he is a player’s coach and because of his ability to communicate with players right after he was fired because he had no idea how to communicate with one of his star players.

My guy, maybe you should strive to be more like Greg Popovich. Something tells me that Pop would KILL to have a 6’6 point guard that’s a lockdown defender and clearly wants to be a great player.

But nope, let’s keep watching Trey Burke go 1-for-5 but have one exciting layup so he’ll keep getting playing time because apparently Frank is the one struggling, not the player who both stinks on offense and defense and has an identical skillset to Allonzo Trier but is way worse at everything.

I reallyyyy hope Frank pulled the same move as his fellow Frenchman and he slept with Fizdale’s wife or something. There better be off the court real life beef between these two otherwise it means we have to face the reality that Fizdale has no idea what he’s doing on a nightly basis.

I’ve never hoped for an affair more.





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