We Have Officially Lost Robert Griffin III

Robert Griffin III was the chosen one. He was The Prince That Was Promised. When he won the 2011 Heisman Trophy and was drafted to the Washington Redskins, RGIII was going to save us.

He was a black quarterback that could scramble but out of all of the black scrambling quarterbacks, he was the first one that white draft ‘experts’ and NFL GMs didn’t want him to play wide receiver or question his intelligence. He was universally beloved. He was supposed to end the race war.

Now look at this motherfucker.

Robert Griffin III gets his haircut at the mall, apparently. My man thinks Frank’s Red Hot is too spicy. RGIII is standing on his tippy toes during the National Anthem.

This weirdo really looks in the mirror every morning and sees Jimmy Fallon starring back at him. As I write this, Robby Griff has his hand in a jar of mayonnaise just snacking on the couch next to his Eastern European princess laughing his ass off watching Friends.

He went from Mike Vick to Dwight Shrute. I’m SICK.




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