Should I Be Watching House of Cards?

So apparently there is a 5th season of House of Cards coming to Netflix and after watching this new trailer, I’m not quite sure why people watch this show. Having never seen a second of it, it looks like it’s just old Kevin Spacey being mean to strangers which is right up his wheelhouse I suppose but been there, done that.

This show looks like all of the worst parts of West Wing. Shout out to Frank and Claire Underwood for having matching haircuts though. That’s how you run a country. Hillary would be our president right now is she got her shit together and coordinated with Bill.

So should I be watching House of Cards?

I think if I was asking this a year ago, I would’ve had no problem binge watching this and being caught up with the culture but in 2017, I reaally don’t want to have to read lame ass think pieces that compare this show to the Trump presidency and blah blah.

There’s something about the president choking a random guy that’s a real turn off. But I’m a sucker for peer pressure so get ready for my article where I complain about how bad this show is. Coming soon…





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