Watch The Trailer For The New Netflix Film ‘Velvet Buzzsaw’ a Horror Movie About Killer Art

The creators of the 2014 thriller, Nightcrawler, have joined forces with Netflix to bring us a new horror movie about the art industry that we’ve all obviously been waiting for.

And this movie has everything you expect from a 2019 horror film on Netflix made by the Nightcrawler director. We’ve got Jake Gylenhaal who also appeared in the Netflix film Okja, about the CGI pigs that looked way more like elephants, we’ve got Rene Russo who starred in Nightcrawler, we’ve got Toni Collette who starred in Heredity which is one of the biggest horror movies of the last few years and John Malkovich who was just in the last big Netflix horror film, Bird Box.

Every single box is checked. Netflix is a gigantic algorithm. I wouldn’t be shocked to learned that no one actually filmed this movie and it sort of just manifested itself based off of viewing patterns.

A movie about how destructive the art industry. Just what we all needed. As someone who has taken a pretty firm ‘fuck rich people’ stance, this might work for me. Wealthy people drive the price on art up so high that there are only a select few artists that actually prophet while the rest of the collapses in itself.

Or this will just be Jake Gyllenhaal being a weirdo for 2 hours. Actually, it’s definitely going to just be that. Nevermind. I’ll just wait for the Velvet Buzzsaw Twitter memes and figure out what happens with context clues.




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Written by Deadseriousness

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