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I Want/Need to Attend Michael Vick’s Retirement Party Hosted By Gucci Mane

It’s officially over for Mike Vick … and the NFL star is going out with a massive party.¬†

The 36-year-old quarterback is set to host his “official retirement party” at Grooves of Houston nightclub during Super Bowl weekend, a rep for Headliner Market Group tells TMZ Sports. ¬†

Vick will cohost the party with Gucci Mane. 



This will without a doubt be the biggest party of all time. A Michael Vick retirement part hosted by Gucci Mane. Say no more. Looking for plane tickets now. There is no place on planet Earth that I’d rather be Saturday night than ‘Grooves’ in Houston.

Atlanta is having a gigantic year. Just when you thought Cleveland was on the up and up after coming back 3-1 to defeat the Golden State Warriors, Atlanta came out of the vapors to shut that shit down immediately.

The show Atlanta is winning every TV award. Migos is the hottest group in the world. The Falcons are in the Super Bowl. The Hawks acquired future hall of famer, Mike Dunleavy. Gucci Mane is not only free but he’s healthy and hosting Mike Vick’s retirement party.

I love New York, but I might have to make a smart career decision and move to the heart of the USA, Atlanta.




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