Triple-Doubles Do Not Matter

Wow, I didn’t have to make a point. Russell Westbrook already agrees with me. Triple-doubles do not matter. It is an arbitrary statistic that should not dictate whether or not someone gets awarded an MVP trophy or not.

If you think Russell Westbrook should win the MVP award because of his historic triple-double season then you don’t actually watch basketball. The fact that we reward Westbrook for getting 10 rebounds instead of 8 is nonsense.

When you actually watch the Oklahoma City Thunder play, you can see very clearly that Steven Adams and the other big men completely evacuate the paint and let Westbrook snatch up a rebound with no interference. His teammates are trained to immediately shoot when they get a pass from him so he can get the assist. The Thunder are trained to feed Westbrook stats.

Gathering triple-doubles doesn’t automatically make Westbrook the best player in the NBA and the current series against the Houston Rockets proves that it’s not that Westbrook doesn’t have any help on the court, it’s that he doesn’t want any help. He wants to chuck up 3-pointers even though he has no idea how to shoot 3-pointers.

James Harden is objectively better than Russell Westbrook and no one can tell me otherwise.



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