Top 7 Catchers in MLB 2016

I was originally going to do individual team-by-team breakdowns in preparation for the start of the 2016 MLB season but then I remembered that I don’t give a shit about the San Diego Padres and I have nothing constructive to say about most organizations outside of the New York Yankees.

But then I remembered I know the players. If there’s one thing my nerdy statistical batting average stuffed brain knows, it’s the players. So instead, I will be breaking down the MLB season by position.

First up are catchers, the unsung heroes of baseball who squat for hours at a time as long haired assholes throw baseballs 100mph at their necks. The catcher rankings will be based off of 3 important factors: offense, defense, my own personal bias.

[su_heading]7. Miguel Montero[/su_heading]

miguel montero

Kyle Schwarber is one of the biggest prospects in baseball right now. He was a catcher in the Chicago Cubs organization for years and last year he emerged and as a constant home run threat. However, he was moved out in left field. Miguel Montero is a top 7 catcher because he made one of the best hitters in baseball have to change positions.

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