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Tom Thibodeau Will Destroy The New York Knicks

It is being reported that the very unemployed Tom Thibodeau is out here straight up begging to become the next New York Knicks head coach after David Fizdale was fired for having no idea how to win basketball games.

Names like Mark Jackson, Jeff Van Gundy and now Tom Thibodeau are being thrown around to coach the Knicks and somehow Thibodeau manages to be the worst of those options. We have no idea how Van Gundy’s 90’s coaching style translates to today’s game considering he hasn’t coached in the NBA since 2006.

Mark Jackson is a homophobic god-fearing weirdo but at least he got more out of David Lee than the Knicks did. I don’t know how anyone sees the success this franchise has had under Steve Kerr and think that Mark Jackson deserves any credit for it but Knicks fans are dumb. That’s canon.

But Thibodeau is the worst of them all.

On paper, he looks successful as hell. In Chicago, he went 255-139 with 5 playoff appearances. In Minnesota he went 97-107 and brought Minnesota to their first playoff appearance in 13 years. Impressive, right?

The game has changed drastically since his reign as the Bulls head coach. His defensive strategies proved completely outdated in Minnesota and the way he handles his players is archaic and militarized which doesn’t work in today’s game.

Thibodeau literally almost fucking MURDERED Luol Deng.

He ran the Bulls players to the ground including Luol Deng who couldn’t finish the 2013 playoffs and ended up needing a fucking SPINAL TAP because he was so sick that he needed his spine drained and Thibodeau was still running him out there 44.8 minutes a game during those playoffs.

After nearly killing Deng and blowing up Derrick Rose’s knees, Thibodeau moved to Minnesota to develop the young Timberwolves. [Narrator voice]: he did not. Wolves star, Karl-Anthony Towns said Thibs coaching was a “slap in the face”.

Yes, bring him to New York. Awesome.

When are the Knicks going to pay attention to what is happening in this league? The Chicago Bulls had a revolt against their angry old white coach, Jim Boylen. Old white guy, John Beilein, was hired this past offseason by the Cavs and couldn’t even make it to the All-Star break because he struggled connect with the players.

So why in the fuck would new Knicks president, Leon Rose, think it’s a good idea to bring a drill sergeant like Tom Thibodeau when these coaching styles are being completely ejected from the league.

The media keeps comparing Leon Rose to Bob Myers and Rob Pelinka because they are also former agents who became GMs but they also hired Steve Kerr and Frank Vogel.

Head coaches are super underrated in the NBA and if the Knicks are expecting any sort of development from RJ Barrett and LaMelo Ball then they’re going to need a coach that actually knows how to communicate their ideas and concepts to these players unlike Dave Fizdale and more like their current interim coach, Mike Miller.

But Mike Miller won’t get the job because he doesn’t have a previous relationship with Leon Rose like Thibs does which is an absolutely atrocious way to run an organization but it’s the only way James Dolan knows how to do anything.

Can’t wait to write about who the Knicks are going to hire in 2021 when Thibs get fired after one season. Thank you for the content.













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