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TJ Miller Arrested For Calling in Fake Bomb Threat Thus Answering That Question You Keep Asking Yourself, ‘Is TJ Miller Funny?’ (No)

TJ Miller is an asshole. If at any point you were wondering to yourself if you actually liked TJ Miller or not, he has now gone out of his way to set the record straight that he has the lamest sense of humor on Earth with this ‘it’s just a prank, bro’ fake bomb threat.

While riding on Amtrak train 2256, Miller called a 9-1-1 dispatcher and said a “woman had a bomb in her bag and kept checking her bag without taking anything out; kept asking the first-class attendant what the next stop was, and seemed to want to get off the train and leave her bag behind.”

Here’s where the prank gets REALLY FUNNY: TJ Miller wasn’t’ on train 2256. He was on train 2258. Laugh out loud.

When the Department of Justice finally reached Miller’s actual train, an Amtrak attendant working in his train car was drunk and yelling at a random woman across the train for no reason. So yea, just a reminder that TJ Miller is an asshole.

Imagine being on the train home and having that train stop in the middle of nowhere because some guy who is on TV sometimes called the cops and said there was a bomb because he was drunk and slightly annoyed at a stranger.

I should mention, I used to be a TJ Miller fan.

See, what’s the deal with airports, amirite?

For a while, he was great in Silicon Valley. His character was incredibly irritating and TJ Miller could play that part perfectly. Life imitating art or whatever. Last season was his last as his character was pretty much written off the show and he had a few choice words about the star, Thomas Middleditch.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Miller mentioned that he wasn’t really comfortable being an actor and somehow managed to take shots at Middleditch in the process.

“I’m not an actor; I’m a comedian. And I don’t know how the f— I hoodwinked Hollywood into giving me a career in this. But I’m not sitting here saying, “I need more lines. I’m not funny enough.” I’m not Thomas Middleditch. I’m me, the guy that thinks all of this is sort of ridiculous.”

Essentially he was saying that Middleditch begged for more lines. Do you see the picture I’m painting? Miller is a dick.

Oh, he also was accused of sexual misconduct by his college girlfriend. He ‘allegedly’ got angry while they were banging and he choked and punched her in the face and uh, his girlfriend didn’t really give him the ‘okay’ to start slapboxing her around during sex.

Miller denies this happening and said that she was just riding the ‘#metoo‘ wave which is a surefire way of inadvertently admitting guilt. I don’t think your ex-girlfriend’s life VASTLY improves because she came out and said ‘that TJ Miller, that guy who is on television every few months, went too far sexually. Give me attention’.

Oh, he also was arrested for getting drunk and beating up an Uber driver after an argument about politics.

Fuck TJ Miller.




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