The Pittsburgh Pirates Trade For Chris Archer Might Go Down As The Worst Trade in MLB History

Last July, the Pittsburgh Pirates acquired the Tampa Bay Rays ace, Chris Archer in exchange for Tyler Glasnow and Austin Meadows, their top prospects at the time.

The move made zero sense when it happened last year as Pittsburgh finished 12 games back from the second Wild Card spot. They weren’t even close. There was no need to bring in Archer and give away their farm system.

To make the this dumb trade even dumber, Pittsburgh traded the Ace they already had on their roster, Gerrit Cole, to Houston that winter before the season started.

So they gave away a Top 10 pitcher in the sport only to then bring in a new No. 1 pitcher who is nowhere near as good as Cole.

Chris Archer had 10 starts with Pittsburgh last season. He had a 4.30 ERA.

It gets worse.

On Tuesday night, Archer served up four homers in one inning (5 homers in the game total) against the Atlanta Braves. Just underhanding beach balls out there and watching them land in the parking lot.

Archer has a 3-6 win-loss record on the year to match his 5.73 ERA. He leads the league with 16 home runs allowed. Oh brother, this guy STINKS.

This is the part where it gets really funny.

Austin Meadows, who the Pirates gave to Tampa Bay for a guy who is a human tee ball stand, has 12 homers, 38 RBIs and is slashing .333/.408/.603. There’s a very good chance Meadows starts the All-Star game. He’s on pace for 30 home runs and 95 RBIs. A potential MVP.

Archer, not so much.

The Pirates are 6 games below .500 as of right now. The Devil Rays are tied for first place in the AL East outplaying the Yankees and Red Sox. Again, Pittsburgh stinks.

Oh, I totally forgot that prior to suffering an injury, Tyler Glasnow, the other top prospect that Pittsburgh handed to Tampa Bay for no reason, had a 6-1 record and a 1.86 ERA.

BAHAHAHA. Pittsburgh, you big dumb stupid idiots.

WAIT, there’s more.

There was a player to be named later in the Chris Archer deal. 19-year old, Shane Baz, who is DOMINATING Single-A this season with a 1.44 ERA and 32 strike outs in 25 innings.

HAHAHAAHAHA Pittsburgh, you dumb fucks.

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