The 10 Guys You’ll Meet At Every House Party

The 10 Guys You’ll Meet At Every House Party

The first ever post on Deadseriousness was The 5 Girls You’ll Meet at Every House Party. The OG. Finally here is the long-awaited, highly anticipated debut of the male equivalent. This took me two years to write, apparently but here are 10 guys that you will without a doubt meet at every single house party.

1. The Bluto


The Bluto is a nice way of saying ‘obnoxious drunk asshole.’ He’ll have 40oz’s tapped to his hands and doesn’t care that no one is playing Edward 40-Hands with him. The Bluto is the reason why all of the furniture is broken and the carpets are stained. The Bluto dunks in beer pong, as his first shot. He’s the life of the party. And it’s ultimate destroyer.

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Written by Deadseriousness

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