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Guy Who Sued His Date For Texting During Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Got His $17.31 Back Live on TV


Earlier this week I wrote about the guy who just wanted to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 with a lovely lady but had his heart destroyed by a femme fatale who decided it was more important to text nonstop then enjoy both the movie and his company.

Now, we can all breathe easy knowing that this harlot reimbursed that kind man all of the money he spent on her. That’s right, all $17.31 were returned and no further heartache was endured. I am an extremely petty person so I probably wouldn’t have accepted that sirens weak apology but he’s a better man than I am I guess.

This is Bumble in a nutshell. A desperate girl right swipes a guy who looks like an alien and for whatever reason agrees to go on a movie first date with him instead of dinner or drinks where they can actually get to know each other and then leaves him in the theatre and drives home.[1. This is every single date I’ve ever gone on.]

Dating. Is. Hard.




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