A Tap Water Only Bar is Opening in Minneapolis

I’m not going to pretend like I understand Minneapolis. It’s a city in Minnesota. That’s the begining and the very end of my Minneapolis knowledge. However, even after saying that I can still say this: a tap water only bar is sooooo Minneapolis.

[su_quote cite=”Wood TV” url=””]So, Colin Kloecker and Shanai Matteson are preparing to open a storefront Water Bar in northeast Minneapolis — a taproom serving city water plus limited-edition pours from other communities. A grand opening is planned for May.[/su_quote]

That sounds like a really cool place to go after you finally wake up from your coma and doctors tell your family that you have serious brain damage but to try to give you the normal life you once had prior to the accident so they take you to your ‘favorite’ bar that serves tap water straight from the great city of Minneapolis.

That sounds like a really cool place to go after your rec league indoor soccer games. You want to go out with the boys after your big win but you know you have to get up in the morning to jog some laps around the local middle school track so you head over to the tap water bar and order some boneless wings with no sauces, of course.

That sounds like a really cool place to meet your future ex-wife that you will inevitably murder in broad daylight outside of a Sears because she was nagging you for weeks about using the coupons that she cut out but then when you got to the Sears she totally forgot the coupons but is blaming you for rushing her out of the house that morning.

That just sounds like a really cool place to go.



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