Stop Personalizing MLB Labor Negotiations

Major League Baseball is getting dangerously close to no longer existing as the owners and players continue to battle over how money will be distributed for a hypothetical shortened 2020 season played at neutral sites due to a global pandemic.

In March, the league and the MLBPA agreed to a deal that guaranteed the players would receive 100% of their contracts and Major League Baseball has spent the last two months doing everything they can to get out of paying these players while attempting to make the players look like selfish assholes who care more about their money than they do about playing baseball which I am absolutely okay with but fans who hate themselves simply cannot wrap their heads around.

Here is a quick look at all of the deals that the league has offered:

The league isn’t trying to play baseball. These are bad faith negotiations where they change the bullshit wording around but continue to only offer the players 33% of their owed salaries. MLB is claiming that as long as they can’t play home games and charge fans $35 for one (1) flat Bud Light then they will be poor and forced to live life on the rails and standing in bread lines.

These are BILLIONAIRES. That is unfathomable wealth that is literally impossible to be spent in one lifetime yet somehow we are allowing them to pretend as if they can’t afford these player’s salaries. Instead, people are getting mad at the players for demanding the money that they are owed for their labor.

If you find yourself choosing the bosses of the labor then you’re already on the wrong side of the argument. Yes, SOME players make millions of dollars to ‘play a game’ but they’re being paid so much because of the amount of revenue they produce due to their talents and abilities.

You want to see what baseball looks like when you don’t have million dollar athletes? Go watch a AA baseball game where the players make less than the concession workers do because the concession workers are better at putting hot dogs in buns then the players are at getting base hits.

You have a problem with how much money Manny Machado makes? Go watch a third baseman who sucks at third base.

Why should the onus be on the players to take a massive financial hit? Because of the love of the game? You go and play 162 games in 184 days for a decade and come back and tell me how much you ‘love’ playing for minimum wage.

Yes, the coronavirus has left over 40 million Americans out of work and struggling to pay medical bills as family members cling to life on ventilators in crowded hospitals with limited resources.

Yes, there are people marching in the streets demanding equality and for the police to be reprimanded and completely overhauled as their reign of terror remains totally unchecked.

It’s odd for fans to look at Bryce Harper and blame his desire to keep paid what he’s owed. We are so afraid to challenge our leaders that we’re mad at Gerrit Cole for wanting his money.

Instead of us all being pissed that the current White House administration knew that Coronavirus was coming in late January but chose to out masculine a fucking VIRUS and call it a hoax leading to over 100,000 deaths.

Congress was incapable of providing Americans with the financial safety nets necessary to keep food on people’s tables and lower national anxiety thus making people more comfortable with the idea of quarantining and actually flattening the curve as places like Texas and Florida are actively spiking in COVID cases as I write this.

We are such cowards who are terrified of the idea of holding our leaders truly accountable that it’s much easier to call up the local sports radio talk show and yell at Nolan Arenado than it is to set up guillotines in the town square for Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell.

It sucks that you are out of work. I, too, am without income. But stop making these MLB labor negotiations about you. The world doesn’t ‘need’ baseball so let’s put an end to this weird fantasy that a Cincinnati Reds game would save the country.

These issues exist whether there are baseball games or not. Direct your anger and confusion at the correct people. And for the love of god, please stop defending BILLIONAIRES. If you cannot afford to run a baseball team then sell your baseball team, broke boy.


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