Spider-Man: Homecoming Looks Like Every Spider-Man Movie Ever Plus Iron Man

Ah Spider-Man, the greatest story ever told, over and over again every other year for the rest of eternity. Spider-Man was one of my favorite characters growing up and I think I’m over watching him get bullied in school, be cocky towards bank robbers and flirt with Mary-Jane.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is even following the example of the two worst Spider-Man films and they’re throwing 3 villains at him all at once. I mean, I’m honestly hyped to see Michael Keaton play an old psychopath aka himself but otherwise I don’t see enough variation from previous Spider-Man films.

Now, if Tony Stark plays a bigger role than just a role model and we actually see Peter Parker and Iron Man teaming up, I might change my tune.

I will say, that I’m excited to see Shocker make his big screen debut. Not too interested in The Tinkerer but I understand his importance to the story. Just give me a Venom that isn’t Topher Grace and a Green Goblin that isn’t James Franco. I hate that I have to say that.

I guess just give me a Zendaya nipple and I’ll be fine.

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