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Someone Please Explain To Me How Adam Gase Tricked His Way Into Becoming The New York Jets GM

The New York Jets fired their GM, Mike MacCagnan a couple of weeks ago shortly after it was reported that he and Adam Gase were beefing because MacCagnan wasted all of the Jets cap space on overpaid players like Le’Veon Bell and CJ Mosely.

It’s totally fair to criticize MacCagnan for these moves.

You don’t spend all of your money on a running back in 2019 and you don’t spend the rest of your money on an inside linebacker who is limited defensively.

Most teams draft an inside guy and develop them in-house but the Jets have proven an inability to develop anyone ever so, shrug.

At the same time, we tend to forget that Le’Veon Bell was the best running back in the league before he quit to turn into a Soundcloud rapper. He still hasn’t shown up to OTA’s by the way.

The problem is, if you’re going to fire Mike MacCagnan then you fire him BEFORE the draft and BEFORE he spends all of your money. You don’t wait until May when the roster is essentially crystallized to then fire him.

The late firing implies that the beef between Gase and MacCagnan is what caused the GM to lose his job. That becomes even more clear once it was reported that Gase would become the interim GM in the meantime.


It’s also worth noting that the Jets aren’t even close to finding a new GM because of course they’re not. Whoever takes the job is risking their careers for a team in which they didn’t pick the head coach or any of the players.

It’s a no-win situation for a new GM. They wouldn’t have the authority to fully make decisions on their own when it is very clear how much power and influence Adam Gase already has.

And if you don’t instantly succeed as an NFL general manager, your career is pretty much down. Rarely do these guys ever get recycled. You suck once and you’re out of the league forever.

But let’s re-focus our attention on Adam Gase, who has seemingly failed his way to the top of the Jets organization somehow.

Gase has somehow been given the badge of ‘Quarterback Whisperer’ because he was the offensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos in 2013 when Peyton Manning broke the single-season passing record.

Fun fact: Any. One. Could’ve been the offensive coordinator for Peyton that season and he would’ve broken that record regardless. Peyton was in his 12th NFL season. Adam Gase didn’t develop Peyton and turn him into one of the best quarterbacks ever. He was a finished product when he got there.

It’s pretty chill that we give him all this credit for that one inevitable Peyton season and we choose to ignore that his immediate next job was the offensive coordinator of the Chicago Bears in 2015 when the team finished 18th in total offense that year.

But the Jets aren’t the only idiots. The Miami Dolphins saw his mediocre ass and gave him a head coaching job in 2016.

Gase, the quarterback whisperer, managed to turn the No. 8 overall draft pick, Ryan Tannehill, into the current Tennesee Titans backup QB.

In 2016, the Dolphins went to the playoffs. They also finished 24th in yards and 17th in points. In 2017 with Jay Cutler coming out of retirement, the Dolphins finished 25th in yards and 28th in points. In 2018, this offensive genius finished 31st in yards and 26th in points.

Not to ignore the 2016 playoff year. I don’t want to pick and choose stats to make Gase look bad. He went to the postseason. Let’s talk about Ryan Tannehill that season.

It’s a quick chat.

Tannehill finished ranked 26th in Football Outsider’s DVOA and finished 24th in ESPN’s QBR. Both are pretty strong metrics to determine a quarterback’s value.

Gase fucking sucks at making quarterbacks look good.

Where is the evidence that he’s going to turn Sam Darnold into a winning quarterback? He was 23-25 as the Dolphins head coach. He is a loser everywhere he goes. Darnold is screwed.

As much as I loved mocking the Arizona Cardinals for hiring Kliff Kingsbury as their new head coach after he lost he couldn’t win at Texas Tech, you can’t ignore how dominant he made Johnny Manziel, Baker Mayfield and Patrick Mahomes look. We have those receipts.

Adam Gase turned Ryan Tannehill into this generation’s Joey Harrington.

And now he’s the Jets head coach and general manager. Gase should be thanking baby Jesus daily that he was gifted Le’Veon Bell to bail him out of all the shitty plays he’s going to call this season.

There is a 1000% chance the Jets end up with the No. 1 overall draft pick in 2020.

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