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Shout Out To MLB ‘Insider’ Dan Clark For Just Pretending To Know Where Manny Machado is Signing

Dan Clark is a local Baltimore reporter, or whatever, who is currently getting a lot of attention on Twitter for declaring that Manny Machado will be signing with the New York Yankees because he claims to have some sort of inside info.

I’m going to be honest, I don’ think this man is in a group chat with the Machado family right now just collecting info and sharing it with us. It’s cool that he’s gotten a big following as a DMV sports writers and I’m sure he worked hard to get to where he is or some shit.

But this so clearly smells like a man shooting his shot and making an educated guess. If Machado signs with the Yankees, he can pat himself on the back and gets to pretend like his made up sources are real and continue the ruse that he has inside info going forward.

If it fails, he goes back to just writing about the Washington Capitals and losses all of the attention he’s gotten from New York fans these past couple of weeks. But some of those Yankees fans will stick around so in a way, he’s already succeeded.

2019 has just begun but we’ve already gotten our first contender for Scammer of the Year.

By the way, homeboy is already wrong.

You can only hit us with the ‘Machado is going to sign with Yankees tomorrow’ so many tomorrow’s in a row before it’s a wrap, my dude. Again, I respect the hustle. Asshole recognize asshole but you can return to writing about AAA baseball and get the fuck off my Twitter timeline.





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