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Sam Darnold Catching Mono Proves He Can’t Be a Franchise Quarterback

This is probably the most selfish thing a player has done all season. Sam Darnold completely dwarfs ANYTHING Antonio Brown related this year. The Jets really have some crucial decisions to make about their future.

Sam Darnold knows damn well that the 2019 New York Jets season is totally dependent on not just his development at the quarterback position but his overall availability. He needs to be on the field to give the Jets an opportunity to win football games.

And this selfish little narcissist decided to was far more important for him to lie to his parents about sleeping over a friends house while he and his buddies snuck off to a boy/girl party where he played seven minutes in heaven with his crush only to catch mono from that sick harlot.

Darnold knew damn well he had a game on Monday Night Football and still put his own selfish desires over the team.

This is your franchise quarterback? This is the guy that everyone said the New York Giants should’ve drafted instead of Saquon Barkley.

Saquon Barkley has a child already. My man got all of his kissing out of the way BEFORE he entered the NFL because he knows how important he is to his team and wouldn’t jeopardize that to french kiss some siren after practice.

Eli Manning has never kissed a girl in his life and that’s why he has the third longest starting streak in NFL history. Commitment. Dedication. Discipline. Words that franchise quarterbacks understand yet Sam Darnold doesn’t.

And for those of you comparing Darnold to Tom Brady, don’t you get tired of comparing players, coaches and franchises to anything New England related? They are anomalies. Nothing they do can ever be replicated.

Yes, Tom Brady shoves his tongue into his son’s esophagus but that’s Tom Brady. He’s an alien. He’s also slow, lost all of his arm strength and is nowhere near the most athletically gifted anymore and yet he’s still in the Super Bowl every year.

Sam Darnold however, has won nothing yet runs around town making out with girls he sees coughing and shit. Josh Allen would never.

Darnold will never be a franchise quarterback in this league.


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