Russell Westbrook Signs 3-Year $85 Million Extension in Oklahoma City

Sooo last night, the NBA just became extremely boring as Russell Westbrook decided to be a hero and sign a contract extension to stay in Oklahoma City. There goes all of the fun speculation about where Westbrook would end up at the end of the 2017 season. Trade rumors, dead. Yawn.

I want to say that this will set up a big rivalry between OKC and the Golden State Warriors but I know it won’t. Their in two different leagues now. The Warriors have 5 guys on their roster capable of putting up 30 points on any given night and the Thunder have Westbrook.

I’m #TeamWestbrook so hard. I think he’s going to win the MVP trophy next season and his stats are going to be legendary. I’m excited to see him play as the only star on the team. Plus, Dion Waiters in gone so you know that was the deciding factor in Westbrook’s decision to resign.

I’m just glad this puts an end to Knicks rumors. The Knicks have Derrick Rose and that’s all they need. Their super team couldn’t get any more super if it tried. (I haven’t talked about the Knicks in awhile so I had to force this in here).



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