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5 Reasons Why The New York Jets Trading Up For The No. 3 Pick in the 2018 NFL Draft Is The Dumbest Move of the Offseason

The New York Jets traded up in an aggressive attempt to draft their next franchise quarterback. In theory, that’s the correct decision but in actuality, it’s the dumbest move of the offseason and that’s compared to the Arizona Cardinals giving Sam Bradford, a player who’s limbs are made of cotton balls, $20 MILLION. That’s a genius move for Arizona when you look at what the Jets did today.


Here are 5 reasons why the New York Jets trading up for the No. 3 Pick in the 2018 NFL Draft is the dumbest move of the offseason:


1. Price is Too High

The New York Jets had the No. 6 pick in the draft. They not only swapped first rounders but they gave up 3 second round draft picks to only move up 3 spots which is a wild price tag considering that the two teams ahead of them, Cleveland and the New York Football Giants, will both most likely be selecting quarterbacks so the Jets essentially gave up their future for the third best quarterback available.

You could make the argument that if the Jets didn’t swap picks with the Colts then some other team would’ve swooped in and made a deal but my counter argument is that the Jets were only 3 spots below and made a deal as if they had like, the No. 30 pick.



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