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4 Reasons Why Jared Goff Will Win The 2018 MVP Award

3. Jared Goff is a Beast

A lot of people discredited Goff because head coach Sean McVay was in his ear at the line of scrimmage pointing out defensive schemes. That should say less about Goff’s inabilities and more about McVay being smart enough to take advantage of the NFL rules.

Here’s a stat I love: Yards per completion. It shows you if a quarterback is just checking the ball down for quick little screens and slant routes or if they’re actually taking shots down the field and moving the ball. Jared Goff was 1st in the NFL with 12.9 yards per completion. [Raises one eyebrow] nooooot bad.

Jared Goff loves to air the ball out and he still managed to finish 5th in passer rating which is a statistic that usually favors quarterbacks like Alex Smith that complete cute little 5 yard in routes. Point is, Goff is going to explode the record books.


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