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9 Reasons Why Game of Thrones Season 7 Was The Worst Season Ever

8. Winterfell

I wish everything that happened in Winterfell didn’t happen. Arya used to be my favorite character in this show and I should’ve known it was all going down hill once she was eating some rabbit stew with Ed Sheeran. I understand that the reason she left the Faceless Men is that she couldn’t remove her Stark identity but for her to completely throw away her Kill Bill-esque revenge mission because Hot Pie tells her that her brother and Sansa are alive in Winterfell, makes very little sense.

The decision to zap all personality out of Bran and make him an emotionless robot was um, interesting. Meera Reed deserves medals and parades and all of the honor in the world for dragging Bran’s ungrateful bitchass from the edge of the planet alllll the way back down to Winterfell because Bran killed Hodor. Wow, yea the more I think about it, the more I hate Bran.

The finality of Littlefinger was great. It was a great little twist when we learn that the Stark sisters were together against Baelish buuuut every moment leading up to it made no sense. They were bickering like children and somehow offscreen they made up and planned a fake trial? Was that to trick Littlefinger or to trick the audience? What show was I watching? When did Game of Thrones become Saved By The Bell? Great payoff but such a dumb lead up.

And again, fuck Bran.


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