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Racist School Superintendent Says ‘You Can’t Trust a Black Quarterback’ After The Houston Texans 0-2 Start

What Happened?

Lynn Redden, superintendent of the Onalaska Independent School District, made the comment in reference to the final play of the Texans’ 20-17 loss on Sunday to the Tennessee Titans during which Watson held onto the ball before completing a pass to receiver DeAndre Hopkins as time expired, leaving no time to try a last-second, game-tying field goal.

“That may have been the most inept quarterback decision I’ve seen in the NFL,” Redden wrote on a Facebook post promoting a Houston Chronicle story about the game. “When you need precision decision making you can’t count on a black quarterback.”

(NY Post)


Every time I write about racism in sports, there are always comments, from presumably racist people, that racism doesn’t exist and that black quarterbacks are fairly critiqued.

I wrote an article last year after Tyrod Taylor was benched for Nathan Peterman that the only reason he was benched was because he’s not white and my Twitter mentions were on fire from people claiming that Peterman was simply a better QB.

Laugh out loud.

“You can’t count on a black quarterback”.

I get the feeling that’s how most Houston Texans fans feel. When things are going great with Deshaun Watson they will act like he’s god’s gift to football and the second he blows the final play of a game that they weren’t going to win regardless, suddenly black quarterbacks aren’t smart.

It’s the reason why Lamar Jackson was drafted at the end of the 1st round this summer and Josh Allen almost went No. 1 overall even though Lamar Jackson was one of the most accomplished players in college, he played in a pro style offense and Josh Allen was trash ay Wyoming and didn’t even make All-Conference.

But Lamar Jackson wasn’t ready and wasn’t accurate enough. Josh Allen is a tall white kid so his potential is through the roof. Reminder: Josh Allen completed less than 50% of his passes at Junior College playing against future teachers and accountants.

Deshaun Watson was an MVP candidate last season before he tore his ACL. He is now still recovering from that injury and isn’t having the best start of a season ever but we’re two games in and racist Texans fans are already using the ‘what do you expect from a black quarterback’ narrative.

Good to see Lynn Redden, proud racist, is in charge of young minds in Texas. Definitely the type of man you want running your school district. We all want our children’s minds molded by a salty Texans fan that is so upset about losing two games that he’s posting on Facebook about those untrustworthy blacks.

Fuck Lynn Redden.





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