Oklahoma City Thunder Wants Carmelo Anthony Now

HBO’s Bill Simmons reported Monday that there may be some mutual interest between New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Simmons said the two sides are “circling each other,” and that the presence of OKC assistant general manager Troy Weaver could play a role since he helped recruit Melo to Syracuse in college.

(Bleacher Report)


Everybody wants Carmelo Anthony, all of a sudden. After years of teams staying silent while Carmelo was on the trading blocks, now every team is coming out of the clouds trying to convince Melo to waive his no-trade clause.

Here’s the problem, the Knicks front office is incapable of completing a fair trade successfully. Doesn’t matter if it’s Phil Jackson or Scott Perry, the Knicks are awful at making trades and Carmelo will 1000% play for the Knicks for the rest of his life. He’s trapped.

But what if he ends up in Oklahoma City. First of all, shout out to all of the Oklahoma City strippers that are going to make millions from Paul George and Melo moving into town getting everyone pregnant and paying child support for an entire generation of kids with no fathers and gold digging mothers.

Oklahoma City is about to be the most lit NBA town in the league. Or Paul George, Carmelo Anthony and Russell Westbrook are going to murder each other by the All-Star break while Nick Collison stands in the corner quietly. Cannot wait.




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