Now That The Ben McAdoo Drama is Over, We Can All Agree That Eli Manning Sucks, Right?

It was super fun to scream at Ben McAdoo and blame the offensive woes at his stupid slicked back hair and his inability to open up his eyes all the way. He was a clear villain who was trying so hard to be cool. We were watching a grown 40-year old man have a midlife crisis while destroying the Giants.

But McAdoo is gone and the New York Giants were abused by the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. They lost 30-10 at home on the back of the awful defense and an offense that can’t get first downs unless the defense jumps offsides.

Eli Manning was 31-for-46 with 226 yards, a touchdown and two interceptions. Both interceptions occurred in the 4th quarter when the game was tied 10-10 and the Giants could’ve won the game.

“I don’t like losing my starting job. That’s personal, also, and that’s because I haven’t played well enough and we’re not winning games. I appreciate Spags giving me an opportunity to get to start this week and see if we could get us a win and I’m sorry we didn’t play well enough to get that win.”


Aw, Eli’s sorry. Same.

Now, I’d 1000% rather see Eli lose than Geno Smith but it’s okay if we all agree that Eli Manning sucks right? You can say that the offensive line is so bad that no quarterback could succeed but every time Russell Wilson snaps the ball, there is already a defender in the backfield and Seattle will most likely be in the postseason.

Yes, Odell Beckham and Brandon Marshall are out for the season but let’s not pretend like Brandon Marshall was lighting the world on fire when he was healthy. He looked like he never opened the playbook once. ODB would give Eli better stats but it doesn’t matter how great your receiver is if you don’t have a quarterback who is capable of delivering him the ball. See Julio Jones.

Eli only completed one pass longer than 20 yards on Sunday. He used to take shots down the field and now when he launches a ball, it’s either going to land 30 yards past the open receiver or a cornerback is going to run it back. He’s become Alex Smith without the accuracy.

Eli Manning sucks. I love him to death but he sucks. I can’t wait to buy my Baker Mayfield Giants jersey.



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