Nick Nurse, Welcome To Your Tape

Kawhi Leonard, known board man, just scored 10 consecutive points in one of the most heroic, carrying the team on his back, Michael Jordan legendary moments in NBA Finals history to close out the Golden State Warriors in a Game 5 at home to both end the Warriors dynasty and give the Toronto Raptors their first championship in franchise history.

Up 103-97 with 3:05 left in the game and on a 12-0 run to finish the defending champions, Nick Nurse decided it was a good time to end all of that momentum and call a timeout.

The Golden State Warriors proceeded to go on a 9-2 run to end the game and win 106-105 thanks to Nick Nurse bailing them out of a jam and giving them a chance to catch their breath and reconfigure.

There is an NBA rule that teams can only carry two timeouts in the final two minutes of the game and the Raptors had three timeouts heading into the final two minutes so Nurse burned one instead of losing it entirely.

That’s a cool move in Orlando in a meaningless game mid-January with Kawhi Leonard sitting out for load management and Jeremy Lin running the point.

It was time for the Raptors to put their boots on the Warriors neck and seal the NBA Championship and here’s what Nick Nurse had to say about taking that stupid timeout:

“We just came across and just decided to give those guys a rest,” Nurse said of the timeout. “[We] just thought we could use the extra energy push.

BOOOOO. You had the energy boost. You were literally watching the energy post-boost. How do you watch the best player on the planet Earth score 10 straight points and think ‘let me put a random abrupt end to this’.

And the most inexplicable part of Nurse’s flaccid dick ‘if you have a timeout, you use a timeout’ strategy is that the Raptors had a timeout left for that final possession to set up a play and calm his players down and instead allowed Kawhi to run directly into a double team and swing the ball to Kyle fucking Lowry for the game-winning shot which of course bricked off the side of the backboard.

Also, I don’t want to hear the reports that Kyle Lowry wanted the timeout. On what planet do you put Kyle Lowry in charge of decisions that could effect wins and loses?

13 reasons why

Nick Nurse, welcome to your tape.

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