Nick Foles’s Broken Clavicle Should Teach Us All a Valuable Lesson

Nick Foles had the best gig in sports. He was a backup quarterback in the NFL. You make millions. You get to tell everyone and anyone that you’re an NFL quarterback but you don’t really have to do any of the physical stuff required for the rest of the roster. You’re the QB so you get all of the same special treatment as the starter minus all of the crippling sacks and pain killer addictions.

And to be a backup in Philadelphia?? Oh my god, what a perfect situation for Nick Foles. Foles led the Eagles to a Super Bowl victory over the New England Patriots. He outplayed Tom Brady. He gave Philadelphia a Championship Parade.

Only to return to a backup with everyone calling him Big Dick Nick and zero pressure. He just had to wait for the inevitable late season Carson Wentz injury so he can step in with the team already clinched for the postseason and just take risks downfield because there is no negative consequence to his failure. If he stinks then shrug, he’s a backup. He’s supposed to stink. If he succeeds, he’s a god.

And then he made a major mistake and we should all take notes and avoid what Nick Foles did this offseason.

Nick Foles left the security blanket of Philadelphia and signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars to replace Blake Bortles and become the QB1.

Fucking idiot.

Naturally, he paid the price immediately.

Do you get it? Do you understand what happened here?

Never. Try.

The second you take the leap of faith, the second you believe in yourself and trust your abilities, you will fail. Every time.

If Nick Foles just stood on the sidelines watching Carson Wentz beat Washington, he’d be sleeping like a baby tonight instead of rolling around in pain wearing a sling watching Gardner Minshew do an impression of Nick Foles.

If you have a chance to move up in work or if you want to take a risk and shoot your shot with someone, don’t. Ever. Stay in your comfort zone. Just coast. No one has ever broken their clavicle just chillin.


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