NFL Player Empowerment Is The Worst Thing That’s Happened To The League

There is something awful happening in the NFL these days. Players in this league are attempting to take control of their own destinies as they are seemingly demanding trades and new contracts left and right. Ew.

Antonio Brown essentially committed assault on Ben Roethlisberger last season when he threw a football at him at practice and then demanded a trade out of Pittsburgh.

The Miami Dolphins got their doors blown off by the Baltimore Ravens Week 1 of this season and everyone on the team ran to their agents demanding trades.

Most recently, Jalen Ramsey requested a trade away from the Jacksonville Jaguars after getting into a dust up with head coach, Doug Marrone, on the sidelines in a Week 2 loss to the Houston Texans.

Here’s what Joe Montana’s former backup quarterback said about the Jalen Ramsey situation.

“Front offices are gonna have to deal with the fact that if you lose a couple games or get into a sideline altercation, that guy’s gonna demand a trade”.

The guy who used to do Joe Montana’s laundry is right.

NFL franchises are suddenly being forced to like, win games and not fight their players on the sidelines because these players are so spoiled. Now teams have to be competent and run their organizations that right way in order to keep the star players that they drafted their and forced those players to play without their choice?

What is this league becoming??

Guess what, sometimes life is hard, son. You’re the best salesman at your company and you think you deserve a raise? Go suck a dick. Since when does excelling at your job suddenly mean you deserve proper compensation for it?

Oh, you’re one of the best running backs in the NFL and you think you deserve more money? Fuck off, Melvin Gordon.

How about you just grab your lunch pale and your hardhat and go to work every day without saying a word just like my grandfather did at the coal mine for his whole life. He didn’t say a damn word. He made 10 nickels a week and worked 80 hours but he didn’t suddenly ‘demand a trade’. You cowards.

People out here cheering Andrew Luck for retiring early. Uh, he’s a quitter. Oh your job is hard? Your kidneys hurt? Same but I’m not a pussy like Luck. These millenials thinking life is supposed to be perfect and that they are supposed to be happy at their jobs and their employers are supposed to treat them well.

I don’t know about you, but I know I fully support all of our selfless bosses and employers. They pulled themselves up by their bootstraps to become CEOs and the rest of us should kiss the ground they walk on. Thank you for signing our checks every week, regardless of how small those checks are compared to how much work we’re actually doing. Thank you.

How about you shut up and catch the football. I totally agree with Joe Montana’s former coat rack.

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