Newspaper Vendor Gets Trapped in a Newsstand For 4 Days

In the ultimate twilight zone episode, an 84-year old newspaper vendor gets trapped inside of a newsstand. The student has become the master. It’s like being a pizza delivery boy and getting trapped in pizza dough for 4 days. Or it’s nothing like that. You know what it’s like? It’s like being an 84-year old grown adult human being and being trapped in a structure that was designed to hold and distribute newspapers. That’s what it’s like.

[su_quote cite=”Fox” url=””]The 84-year-old was seeking shelter from the weather when he somehow got locked inside the stand near Western Avenue and Pico Boulevard in Harvard Heights, according to LAPD Capt. David Storaker.

Along with the heat, which surpassed 90 degrees, the vendor had no access to food or water.

The door closed on the small structure Thursday afternoon and it wasn’t until Monday that a passerby heard a moaning sound from inside.[/su_quote]


First thought: It’s a shame he missed what sounds like a gorgeous weekend. 90 degrees and sunny. Damn. The things I’m sure he had planned.

Second thought: Newspaper vendor is a job that still exists in 2016. Well, after this ‘tragedy’, I guess not. This 84-year old died for all vendor’s sins.

Last thought: No one heard him until MONDAY? Was he playing it cool in there? Didn’t want to make too much noise and have everyone find out that he got trapped in a newsstand. What do you think he as doing for 4 days? Probably just reading the paper, I suppose.



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