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Nate Solder Says That Ereck Flowers, The Worst Offensive Lineman in NFL History, is ‘Maturing’

What Happened?

Several times last week, Solder iterated his impressions of Flowers, saying he sees maturity in how Flowers has handled this offseason, including rumors around the NFL Draft that the Giants were looking to trade the young tackle.

“His work ethic, the way he goes about his business, the way that he has put it behind him, he’s just doing his thing,” Solder said during Giants minicamp. “He’s trying hard and he cares, and he’s asking questions. He is doing everything that you would want a guy to do.”

“This is the NFL, every team is competitive, every team is really good,” Solder said. “This team is going to come down to how we perform when the lights are on and we are really getting after it – as with every team.”


Ereck Flowers is bad at his job. Pro Football Focus gave him a 51.1-grade last season. Which is bad, ya know, considering that these ratings are out of 100. And he got a 51. Pass rushers didn’t even have to use a move to get past Flowers. They simply had to run in his direction and Flowers would evaporate.



Can his career be salvaged?

So the benefit of signing Nate Solder to one of the biggest contracts in offensive lineman history is moving him to left tackle and Ereck Flowers to right tackle so Flowers will no longer be responsible for covering Eli Manning’s blindside.

Here’s the problem with moving Flowers to the right side: now instead of being blindsided by the rush, Eli is staring it right in the face and Eli isn’t a quarterback that deals with the threat of danger well.

I have no problem with Eli dropping to the ground to avoid a big hit but we might see him do that wayyy more frequently than he even needs to because when he drops back he’s going to immediately see Flowers struggling directly in front of him and just take a knee on every play.

Ereck Flowers is a garbage can. Hopefully he wakes up tomorrow wherever it is Ben McAdoo is living these days. The sewers, I’d imagine just eating pizza and playing with nunchucks and shit.


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