Mike Gundy Might Have a Hard Time Coaching Young Black Men While Being a Nazi

Mike Gundy is the head coach for the Oklahoma State football team. He’s had the job for 15 years and has a 129-64 record and a 9-5 record in bowl games. He’s had just enough success to maintain his job for a decade and a half without really ever competing for a national title.

This freedom has allowed him to begin to express himself more and more recently and it turns out that himself fucking sucks. When asked about players transferring a couple years ago, Gundy went on an aimless rant about ‘liberalism’ and ‘snowflakes’.

College football coaches recruit 17 year old kids and promise them playing time or starting positions and once they take that playing time away from these kids they expect the players to overcome some artificial ‘adversity’ and just sit on the bench or ‘work harder’ when in actuality they wouldn’t even be wearing your uniform had you not lied to them about giving them an opportunity.

And some coaches like Mike Gundy believe that players wanting to transfer to actually get a chance to play elsewhere is ‘liberalism’ and makes this generation weak. Meanwhile, head coaches are constantly leaving their players high and dry for better jobs at better schools all the time. Coaches are allowed to run to better situations but the players, who have the least amount of power in college athletics, are snowflakes and Democrats or whatever the fuck Mike Gundy was saying.

So no one should be surprised when Oklahoma State star running back, Chubba Hubbard called out his ball coach after seeing him in a photo wearing a t-shirt promoting an alt-right news site.

For context, One America News is a small irrelevant conservative news network that spreads nonsense conspiracy theories and lazy racist propaganda. It’s Fox News with no budget or clear motives outside of just being disgusting maggots.

Reminder: most of Mike Gundy’s players are black and he’s out here repping a news network that is openly racist as white women in foolish wigs attempt to throw false narratives at a very clear and concise protest about black people not wanting to get slaughtered by the police.

This isn’t a matter of being conservative or whatever. This isn’t a political debate about how much you should pay in taxes or whether or not weed should be legalized. There’s one side saying ‘please stop killing us’ and the other side saying ‘no’.

Bold move to then go back and attempt to coach a team of black kids who are looking around and seeing the world for what it is and are no longer putting football above their own humanity.

The only excuse I can give Mike Gundy is that he doesn’t seem like he’s completely in the alt-right world. If anything, he is a typical middle-aged white dude who has never had to think about politics and like many of us, was forced to pay attention after Trump was elected but he gets his info from mediocre Joe Rogan interviews and conservative racists that make him feel better about how uncomfortable he is when he hears the words ‘black lives matter’.

If you don’t understand the black movement that’s taking place across this country then you are actively choosing not to at this point. But it’s disappointing to see a man like Mike Gundy who has made millions off the labor of black men just actively decided to distance himself from their plights and struggles under the guise of winning the fucking Raid Ant Spray Bowl in Nampa Idaho.

Get Mike Gundy OUT of here.





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