Melania Trump Wore Sexy Heels To A Flooded Post-Hurricane Houston

Melania Trump has quickly become my favorite person on planet Earth. Sure, she probably shouldn’t have worn her nicest shows as she walked through a flood zone and the Hurricane Harvey wreckage but I respect the shit out of her for it.

THIS IS WHO I WAS WHEN YOU MET ME. Melania came into the game as a woman who shows off her extravagance and she’ll be damned if she’s going to let a little mud change up her style. Can’t. Knock. The Hustle.

What were you expecting her to wear? Some rain boots from Dicks Sporting Goods? Laugh out loud. She’s the first lady of the United States of America and we are not. She will rub that in our face every chance she gets.

And honestly, what else does she have in her life besides fashion? She’s married to the dumbest human in the world who for sure has spent more money on coke and hookers than he has on her in the past decade. Let my girl live.

Melania Trump 4 President.



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