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Mark Wahlberg is Trying to Produce a Caron Butler Biopic

It’s the year 2017, and in keeping with the trend of news headlines looking like they’ve been ripped out of a Mad Libs exercise, Hollywood superstar Mark Wahlberg is angling to bring on a big-name director to helm the biopic he’s producing based on the life of retired NBA All-Star Caron Butler.

Wahlberg has approached reigning Best Director Oscar winner Barry Jenkins (“Moonlight”), Oscar nominated Spike Lee (“Do the Right Thing,” “He Got Game”), and longtime collaborator Peter Berg (“Lone Survivor,” “Patriot’s Day”) to gauge interest in directing the project based on Butler’s tumultuous rise into basketball stardom, sources told TMZ.

In addition to his role as a producer on the project, Wahlberg reportedly intends to have a significant on-screen presence – though presumably not by playing a 15-year-old Butler.



When was the last time you thought about Caron Butler? Never? Caron was a two-time All-Star or whatever but I don’t think anyone is begging for the Caron Butler story. Actually, that’s not true. Mark Wahlberg is literally begging directors for it.

Shout out to Wahlberg for calling up Barry Jenkins, a man who without a doubt has no idea who Butler even is. He probably doesn’t know who Mark Wahlberg is either. They say after you win an Oscar, you get free range from studios to make whatever movie you want. Barry Jenkins made Moonlight so that he could bring the Caron Butler story to the big screen.

Also, you have to love that Wahlberg wants to be featured in the movie. My favorite thing about biopics about black people is that there always has to be the white person who gave them the opportunity so they can be the real hero of the movie.1

I’ll be there at the premiere sitting alongside Barry Jenkins and The Rock, who will obviously be cast to play Caron.




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  1. Looking at you, Jason Sudeikis in that Jesse Owens movie.

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