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Mark Cuban Let His Male Employees Physically and Emotionally Abuse Female Employees and Faced Zero Consequences and We Should All Be Pissed

The NBA launched an investigation seven months ago following a Sports Illustrated report in February which described “a corporate culture rife with misogyny and predatory sexual behavior” that spanned decades in the Mavericks’ organization, including numerous allegations against former CEO and president Terdema Ussery, who left the Mavericks in 2015.

On Wednesday, the NBA responded to findings from an outside law firm that spoke to 215 current and former Mavericks employees and examined more than 1.6 million documents, emails and text messages.

The investigation found there was “improper workplace conduct” toward 15 female employees by Ussery, including inappropriate comments, touching, and forcible kissing. It also found improper workplace conduct by former ticket sales employee Chris Hyde, including inappropriate comments to women of a sexual nature and the viewing and sharing of pornographic images and videos.

The results of the investigation concluded the Mavericks’ management staff was “ineffective, including a lack of compliance and internal controls.” It also found that the team’s executive leadership not only allowed an improper workplace environment to exist, but also fostered the belief that those participating in that environment could flourish.



Mark Cuban created an environment in the Dallas Mavericks front office where men straight up terrorized the women working there and faced no consequences. So then after the NBA investigated the years of harassment they determined that Cuban allowed this to go on in his organization and Cuban faced no consequences.

Soo at what point do we hold people accountable for their actions?

Mark Cuban went on Rachel Nichol’s show, The Jump, and claimed he didn’t know what was happening while simultaneously admitting that he knew what was happening and didn’t stop it. Then he got fake emotional and all is good now, right?

He donated $10 million to women’s organizations. Problem solved. As long as you don’t look into the fact that Cuban in a multi-billionaire and a $10 million ‘donation’ is the equivalent of paying a public urination fine.

Let’s take just one small example of the type of loose ship Cuban was running over in Dallas:

Chris Hyde, a former employee that worked in ticket sales, dropped a used condom out of his pocket. The HR guy freaked out on Hyde, as he should have and then told the team president, Terdema Ussery. Ussery then told Cuban about the incident and Cuban’s response was ‘Don’t make a bigger issue out of it than it is’.

That’s the attitude and the actions of a man who let his front office turn into a madhouse. Guys are sneaking out for long lunch breaks, coming back with used condoms bursting out of their pockets and everything’s fine.

Oh, also Chris Hyde used to come into work and just openly watch porn at his desk. Most offices, if that happens once, you are fired. Hyde did that for years. Spoiler: he wasn’t fired. In fact, he just left on his own.

There are multiple reports that pretty much every single woman there was sexually harassed ranging from creepy comments to aggressive kiss attempts.

No one faced consequences for forcing themselves on these women. That’s just how life was in working there. You walk in. Hang up your coat. Grab Babara’s butt. Watch porn.

One former employee said that, at first, writer Earl Sneed seemed like one of the good guys. She recalled him standing up for some of the women when other men made inappropriate comments, saying, “You can’t talk to her like that.” Then, in 2011, he was arrested on an assault charge while at the office. A woman had told police that Sneed threw her against a wall, then on the floor, and told her, “I’m going to fucking kick your ass.”


Earl Sneed bodyslammed a chick in the fucking office and continued working there. What is going on Mark Cuban? I once got fired for showing up an hour late without telling anyone I’d be late. I was fired. Sneed tombstone piledrived a girl in the middle of the office and that was just business as usual. I assume he was probably given a raise too.

Fast forward a few years and Sneed started dating a coworker in the Mavs organization. In the least surprising turn of events, his girlfriend came in with bruises and everyone knew he was hitting her. The Mavs did nothing.

I’m not sure who I’m madder at here. Mark Cuban was running the Double Deuce before Patrick Swayze came in to cool things. But the NBA really shit the bed here by shrugging and essentially saying ‘hey, don’t let this happen again’ which is basically what Cuban did when he heard his employees were monsters.

Fuck Mark Cuban. Fuck The NBA.



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