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LeBron James and Nick Saban Are In a Weird Ass Legal Battle

We’ve got ourselves an internet content battle between LeBron James and Alabama Football head coach, Nick Saban. What can be more exciting than two multi-millionaires arguing about content that isn’t that original in the first place?

LeBron’s media company, Uninterrupted, created a video series called ‘The Shop’ where athletes get their haircut and talk shit. Just like in real barbershops! Genius!

Wellll, Nick Saban has decided that he was going to go ahead and do the same exact thing because LeBron doesn’t have a monopoly over all haircut related properties and he called up his ol’ pal, Julio Jones to join him in the inaugural episode of ‘Shop Talk’.

Enter the lawyers.

LeBron sent a cease and desist over to Saban’s people and now begins the most pointless litigation of all time. Apparently, LeBron has a copyright over barbershop content and at the end of the day, I have zero interest in watching either of their versions of this.

I don’t want to hear Nick Saban and Julio Jones talk about anything. Who is the least interesting wide receiver of the last decade? Julio Jones. Which NBA player’s opinions are we constantly hearing every single day whether we are actively seeking it or not? LeBron James. Hard pass.

Hopefully, both parties agree to cancel their shows and I never have to write about these two millionaires arguing over videos that no one asked for. This is the classic Alabama vs. Cleveland media battle that you read about in college economics classes.




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