Kids See Ghosts Is Basically Yeezus 2 Featuring Kid Cudi

The headline of this article sounds like I’m talking shit and don’t worry, the shit talking is coming but I loved Yeezus when it came out. It was YOU people who didn’t ‘understand’ it so if you were one of those folks that didn’t appreciate Yeezus when it came out, don’t you dare speak to me about how much you like Kids See Ghosts. You wasn’t with me shootin’ in the gym.

Ye was Kanye’s worst album.

I want that to be the backdrop of any possible compliment I give this album. Kanye released his most rushed and unimportant album ever. I kept asking myself why Kanye would go on that wild Make America Great Again rant and say that slavery was a choice just to promote his album? He is easily the most famous rapper in the world already. He can say anything and get press. Why be an asshole?

And it quickly became clear that it’s because he made Ye while waiting for Twofers at Chillis. But Kids See Ghosts sounds like an album that actually took time to make. That’s where the bar is set for Kanye music now. Did it take longer than a week to create: Check.

Before I get into these beats being Yeezus B-sides, let’s talk about Kanye being Kanye on this album. I think the internet collectively decided that Ghost Town was the only salvageable song on Ye so naturally he heard that feedback and decided to make a Ghost Town Pt. 2 put he took off the best part of the song, 070 Shake, andddd replaced her with himself singing.

Feel the Love is the perfect example of a Yeezus song when Kanye starts yelling ‘GAT-AT-ATATAT’. That’s pretty much Black Skinhead or New Slaves except now Pusha has a verse.

But what makes this album special is Kid Cudi. I have my problems with that man’s music. He reminds me of ASAP Rocky in that neither man seems to write or even think about any of their lyrics before they get behind a mic. They sort of just mumbling nonsense that they think sounds cool and that rhymes but Cudi seemed to actually be focused on this project.

Cudi Montage is a song that 2018 Kanye didn’t seem capable of producing like, two weeks ago. Again, I’m not a Cudi guy but this song highlights what he does best perfectly. Kanye still knows how to make music for other people. He dropped 7 perfect beats for Pusha T and then when back into his experimental Yeezus toolkit to pull out 4th Dimension.

Oh and the ‘Kanye West has a ghostwriter who’s in 7th grade’ award goes to:

She seem to make me always feel like a boss (uh, uh)
She said I’m in the wrong hole, I said I’m lost (uh, uh)






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