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Kid Arrested For Robbery After Refilling His Water Cup With Soda At McDonald’s

The restaurant manager said the suspect was one of three people who asked for water at the drive-thru window in Springdale. The customers parked and walked into the store before dumping out the water and pouring soda into the cups. The manager spotted the three and told them to return the soda. Only 18-year-old Cody Morris refused, police say.Fox News

Lock Cody Morris up and throw away the key. Free refills are not a right, they’re a privilege and if fools like Morris continue to roam the streets then they’re going to ruin soda fountains for everyone. Yes, it’s easy to say that this McDonald’s manager was overreacting but nope, this kid is blowing it.

There’s an unwritten rule, you can refill you cup all day long, UNLESS, you’re straight up told that you can’t. It’s that simple.  You start to take advantage and next thing you know, we’re all going to lose access to the soda.

Plus, you can’t refill from the fucking drive-thru. I swear if McDonald’s changes their refill policy because of this kid then I’m going to hire someone to shank this motherfucker in the prison showers.

Perhaps I’m too passionate about this…

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