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Just Call Justin Fields The N-Word, You Know You Wanna

For the majority of the college football season, Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields were considered to be the obvious choices for the first two picks in the NFL Draft. Every scout had this same exact take and suddenly after one bad playoff at the very end of the season, Justin Fields has plummeted off draft boards in replace for big white Josh Allen cosplayer, Zach Wilson.

ESPN analyst and man with dangerously sharp ears, Dan Orvlosky, attempted to explain why Justin Fields was suddenly unwanted after receiving info from an anonymous source.

“One, I have heard that he is a last-guy-in, first-guy-out type of quarterback. Like, not the maniacal work ethic… The second thing is … Where is his desire to go be a great quarterback? I think that there’s a desire to be a big-time athlete, from what is expressed to me, but where is his desire to be a great quarterback? And to be great, you gotta be willing to find the things that you are not good at and just freaking grind on them.”

Very cool that every year, without fail, it is always the black quarterback that gets described as lazy with no work ethic or desire to be great. These scouts always add the one positive regarding their athleticism which just adds to the racism.

This same bullshit was said about Cam Newton and Lamar Jackson. Two NFL MVPs.

Now, it’s important for me to note that I do not believe Justin Fields is that caliber for no reason outside of the fact that he’s an Ohio State quarterback and those guys are out of the league before their second contract.

At the same time, all of those quarterbacks have been black. Dwayne Haskins, JT Barrett, Cardale Jones and Braxton Miller. Haskins is the most recent and will most likely be out of the league after 2021 but were any of these QBs so much worse than Dan Orlovsky? The man who played 11 seasons in the league and went 0-for-7 as a starter for Detroit including a hilariously dumb play where he just ran out of the back of his own endzone and commit a safety awarding his opponents 2 points and the ball back.

But I’m sure Orlovsky had a great work ethic and was a real grinder or whatever the fuck.

After he for sure got some phone calls from black colleagues, Dan Orlovsky went back on TV and snitched on himself pretty much saying that he took the word of some random scout instead of directly contacting Justin Fields’s coaching staff.

“That forced me to do even more digging over the last 24 hours, and I’ve had two conversations that I want to put out there to kind of clarify the situation or put more out there about the situation. One conversation I had is with an offensive coach at Ohio State and he said, ‘Tell them that’s absolutely not true. That Justin Fields’ work ethic is spectacular. That he is a guy who has great football IQ and he’s always studying tape.’

And then the second conversation I had is with John Beck, who has kind of trained Justin as he’s headed into his pro day. John’s had a really positive experience, saying like, this guy is always working incredibly hard on the field, and even after we’re done doing on-field drills, he’s the guy who wants to stay after and work on different footwork or different throws, and he’s had a very good experience. So the reality is that is that I have heard those things from teams and they might feel that way, and this is also a season where teams are tying to say things to potentially get a guy to drop to them, and so I just wanted to clarify and put it out there that, listen, over the last 24 hours and more digging that it seems and sounds like Justin Fields’ work ethic is fantastic, and that’s coming from two people who have worked directly, close with him”

If you have access to Justin Fields’s direct QB coaches then when you wanted to know more about him why didn’t you immediately ask them? Why get the ‘scoop’ from one negative like, Ohio State booster that thinks black people are less than and then why use your platform to perpetuate this stereotype?

Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson and Deshaun Watson are the best quarterbacks in the league and behind them are Dak Prescott and Lamar Jackson yet the draft comes around and these players drop behind guys like Mitch Trubisky and Sam Darnold because those are two sharp bright young men and the other guys are dumb athletes who you can’t even find at practice because they’re too busy signing autographs or smoking drugs or whatever.

I hope Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson and Justin Fields all have amazing careers because I’m tired of seeing Chase Daniel and Mike Glennon play. But I’m just hoping Justin Fields does a littleeeee bit better.


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