Josh Rosen is Absolute Trash So Just Another Friendly Reminder That The New York Giants Made The Right Decision Drafting Saquon Barkley

On Thursday night, the Arizona Cardinals were thumped by the Denver Broncos in a 45-10 blowout game that saw the Broncos defense devour Rosen on national television in front of his friends and family. It was a massacre.

Yo, the Broncos are high-fiving each other in the middle of their pick six’s. That football game was straight up mean. MY feelings are hurt. Josh Rosen threw two pick six’s in the first quarter which is the first time that’s happened to a rookie quarterback in NFL history.

Rosen ended the first half of this game with a 16.4 passer rating. Those are Nathan Peterman numbers right there. My god.

Now, before I continue bashing Josh Rosen to serve my own personal narrative, I should state that the Cardinals offensive line was trying to get him killed. They allowed 6 sacks and Rosen was hit 11 times. Von Miller had two sacks and two forced fumbles. I recognize that it’s tough to play quarterback with Von Miller sitting on your chest.

But you know who else has a terrible offensive line? The New York Giants.

So when everyone keeps questioning why the Giants didn’t draft a quarterback, please look at Josh Rosen and explain to me how he would be so much more successful behind the Giants awful O-line as opposed to Arizona’s.

Yes, Eli Manning is just as bad this season but the idea of passing up a once in a generation talent in Saquon Barkley for guys like Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen who don’t, as of right now, look like they will ever be Top 10 QB’s, is a waste of a No. 2 overall draft pick.

Saquon Barkley is a future Hall of Famer and Josh Rosen will be as good as Andy Dalton maybe if everything breaks correctly. The Giants will lose out this season and draft someone next season who I guarantee with have a better career than Rosen, especially considering that Arizona is putting Rosen in an impossible situation to succeed in.

Don’t ever tell me that the Giants should’ve picked this scrub.




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