Josh Allen Represents Everything I Love About The NFL

On Sunday afternoon, the Buffalo Bills beat the New York Jets 17-16 in one of the most unwatchable football games of all time. Most Jets games find a way to be unwatchable. That combined with CBS Sports’s boring gray hazy broadcasts every week will make you nap as the Jets go 3 and out time and time again.

But this article isn’t meant to shit on the Jets. I have a full season to do that and I’m sure they’ll give me plenty of opportunities to do so.

Let’s talk about Josh Allen, the biggest wild card in the NFL.

Josh Allen started this game against the Bills looking as if he spent his offseason watching old Nathan Peterman game tape. Allen had two first half interceptions including a pick-six off a receiver’s face directly into the arms of new Jets linebacker, CJ Mosley.

The Jets defense SWARMED the Bills backfield. They swallowed Frank Gore every chance they had. Absolute domination of the line of scrimmage, which I’m told according to every ESPN ‘expert’, is how you win a football game.

Josh Allen also fumbled the ball twice to go along with two interceptions. As expected. Last season, Allen had 12 interceptions and lost 6 fumbles. There is nothing he loves more than turning the ball over.

Nothing except….winning football games.

After leading an 85-yard drive at the top of the 4th quarter to bring the score to 10-16, Buffalo held the Jets to a punt on their next possession which gave Josh Allen the opportunity to take over.

Allen marched Buffalo down the field for another 80-yard drive and a touchdown strike to John Brown to seal the victory for the Bills. Because of course he did.


Josh Allen makes a sport in which grown men smash their skulls against each other lowering their life expectancy and then driving home to beat the shit out of their wives and children with no consequence while any player that has any hint of personality (and brown skin) is treated like the domestic abusers are supposed to be treated—really fun to watch.

Josh Allen is must-see TV. Anything can happen when he snaps the ball. He could fumble the snap. He could drop back and throw a 50-yard bomb down the field. He could throw an interception that’s deflected of his own lineman’s helmet leading to a pick-six. Or he could scramble and hurdle a linebacker in open field.

Last season, Josh Allen broke Michael Vick’s record for most rushing yards over the first 8 games of a quarterback’s career. Not only is he willing to sprint for a first down but he’s out here juking defenders and putting up Michael Vick rushing numbers.

He is what’s great about the NFL. A guy who never completed 60% of his passes before somehow being drafted in the Top 10 only to just ball out and in none of the ways that scouts believed he would.

Sure, it’s dope seeing Patrick Mahomes sling the ball effortlessly and put up 40 a week. It’s dope to see Khalil Mack and Aaron Donald devour quarterbacks and make offensive linemen look like Bambi walking on ice for the first time.

But that gets boring. Defense is boring. Seeing the same level of dominance every week gets boring. Josh Allen has no idea if Josh Allen is good and that’s exciting as hell.

We are just here to witness greatness.

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