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Jimmy Butler is Smoking Blunts on the Court Now Soooo…MVP?

I keep going back and forth between loving Jimmy Butler and finding him incredibly annoying.

When he shows up to Minnesota Timberwolves practice after rolling off his couch completely out of shape and beats the starters with the 3rd stringers, calls everyone a pussy and then walks out of practice to immediately sit down with Rachel Nichols to say ‘yes, I called them pussies, you are correct’, he is hilarious.

But when he shows up to the Sixers and it’s reported that he screams at head coach Brett Brown, because he doesn’t believe the offense is using him properly, he’s an annoying asshole again with very few redeemable qualities.

He loves country music and his best friend is Mark Wahlberg. He LITERALLY took the rearview mirror out of his car because he didn’t want to ‘look back’. He’s a MAGA hat or Ann Coulter retweet away from being my mortal enemy.

And then he does what he did in Los Angeles and I’m back on Amazon buying a Jimmy Buckets jersey and helping Jeff Bezos pay for his divorce. If Jimmy Butler’s got fives on it, I’m a fan again. EVERY TIME I TRY TO LEAVE THEY BRING ME BACK IN.

Butler is averaging just 19 points per game after coming to Philly and taking a backseat to Joel Embiid but he’s shooting 38.8% from behind the 3-point line with 4.8 rebounds, 3.5 assists and 2 steals a game. He has the perfect level of defense intesity to play alongside Ben Simmons on the perimeter.

I’m not necessarily saying that Butler deserves the MVP award but like, he should at least get a few votes now, right?. If he’s going to be smoking that sweet sweet kush on the court, he deserves recognition.



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